What came first the Bus or the Cupcakery ?

Well, the BUS! Founders and owners, John and Lorraine Murphy flew out to LA to buy a vintage double decker bus sight unseen in September 2009. They knew they wanted to stand out and be a spectacle, not just a business and a DOUBLE DECKER BUS from LONDON would definitely do that! Little did they know that a bus from 1963 that is extremely tall and slow was not meant to be driven across county! They then towed the bus across the US with a pilot car in front because of the height of the bus. It then underwent months of interior renovations to make it a mobile food vending unit.

John and Lorraine thought they were just going to be a Mobile Cupcake stand and purchase the cupcakes from a local bakery. Quickly realizing they wanted full creative control over the flavors and quality of each and every cupcake they then decided to launch their Saratoga Cupcakery! The Saratoga Cupcakery opened its doors November 18, 2009 and was instantly a hit! With lines out the door and everyone loving the retro theme and unique cupcake flavors we quickly became the Capital District’s choice for freshly baked cupcakes.

The bus opened in December 2009 and also was instantly a landmark in the area. Causing people to turn their heads at this large red bus on Western Ave and drive from miles away was a daily occurance. Through the snow and cold the bus remained open. People came from near and far to try Bettie’s Cupcakes.

She braved the weather that winter and by the next year Bettie grew to add another mobile cupcake truck, a location at Colonie Center, and a location at Hoffman’s Playland.

Now at 1 and half years later, Bettie has become a local and international legend.  She has been featured on an Italian Television Show, local news segments, newspapers and magazines.  She sponsored Cake Boss at Proctors, and has been to fairs, carnivals, and festivals throughout the region.  Her cakes have been to weddings, birthdays, proposals and birth announcements.  Most recently, she did it again… Bettie became the first to create Cupcake Ice Cream.  Soon she expects to move from her original location to her new location on Broadway, Bettie’s Cakes-a cupcakery café and ice cream parlor.

The question is….what’s next?